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Head of Sales (Hybrid)



Sales & Business Development
Menlo Park, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024

As the Head of Sales at Medeloop, you will work directly with the CEO to develop and refine our sales strategy, playing a pivotal role in the direction and success of the company. In this critical position, you are leading sales efforts and actively shaping the adoption of our groundbreaking technology across the healthcare research landscape. You will focus on aggressively moving our substantial existing pipeline toward successful closures. This role grants you the opportunity to directly drive the widespread market adoption of technology that promises significant advancements in clinical research.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Partner with the CEO to formulate and refine our sales strategy, directly influencing the broader company direction through the strategic sale of our AI platform.
  • Lead the execution of sales initiatives, focusing on closing deals in our substantial pipeline and integrating customer feedback to improve our product continuously.
  • Craft strategies and streamline processes to significantly reduce sales cycles by expediting complex procurement procedures at research institutions.
  • Build and mentor the sales team, instilling a culture of innovation and a customer-first mentality.
  • Establish rigorous metrics for monitoring sales cycles, onboarding, and customer satisfaction to optimize our sales and marketing strategies.
  • Collaborate with our Customer Success Manager to ensure seamless onboarding and high levels of customer satisfaction, enhancing user experience and product utility.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, Healthcare Administration, or related field.
  • Extensive experience in sales, with a proven track record in the health tech sector, particularly in selling SaaS products.
  • Demonstrated leadership in driving sales strategies and team development
  • Strong communication skills, capable of effectively managing relationships with senior stakeholders in the healthcare and research sectors.
  • Strategic thinker with robust analytical skills, capable of leveraging data-driven insights to inform decisions.

We encourage you to apply if you meet the requirements and are passionate about using data to transform healthcare.

About Medeloop

Medeloop’s mission is to revolutionize clinical research with our end-to-end AI-powered platform. By streamlining the critical processes of applying for grants and collecting and analyzing data, we empower researchers to achieve breakthroughs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

We offer a competitive salary, company equity, a fully remote work environment, a flexible work schedule, and most importantly, you WILL have an opportunity to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry.